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Aditi Ray

This article is very good for home furniture.

User without photo

Hi, If any one want to design your website from some one professional then don't go anywhere. I suggest you to go for the ultimate web design, they offers the best services!!

Maryann Philpott

I was very impressed with the job that was done to my glass shower unit and the explainations as to why and what was to be done i recommend this company with high praise thank you.

User without photo

I would never recommend this company! 6-7 hours late so we were loading at 9pm at night. Could have gone 1st thing the next day but was so exhausted in waiting all afternoon, u just wanted it done.
Refused to give me a proper written quote. Over the phone stated $1000-$1200 AND he told me both truck sizes were the same price and mileage charges included in rate given. ie would not change regardless of truck size. when we got to the venue the guy flipped out at me and held us to ransom. Told us to pay $1500 or he would drive it back 2 hours from where we came from!!! Complete nutcase (the owner) and completely unreasonable. offering the $1000 before unloading he would not accept, to sort out the rest after working out the time if there was any difference. flat out refused, all the while swearing his head off at our house. STAY CLEAR. I should have just called the cops. He did say sorry at the end but as insincere as it gets. He reckoned he mis calculated the cost of kms on the big truck and quoted it on the smaller truck. Well he said they were included in labour rate. Untruthful man.

User without photo

What to say now! I was stunned to see the work of the company, really they work really well with their hard work our business is really on a successful stage. if some one wants to hire a digital marketing company then you can think about Ultimate Web Designs.

User without photo

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User without photo

We can not thank Ultimate Web Designs enough. They have really helped to grow our business. Very professional and friendly to deal with.

User without photo

The initial gutter repair and roof lichen spray went okay - a little pricey. The follow up job to repair one leaking gutter joint was from a workmanship perspective good, but the bill was astronomical. Nearly $400.00 to repair a leaking gutter joint. Lesson learnt - check the terms & conditions as these guys charge for every minute including travel time at full rates!

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