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Good service. Great communication. The team of Carpet Master came at very short period of time. I am very happy from the services.

User without photo

I'm very thankful to Scrap Cars for remove my useless car from my home. Really awesome services by its professional. Thank you so much.

User without photo

I contracted Oasis Concrete & Paving Ltd to replace a driveway and patio at a Christchurch property. The result of this was construction errors and waste product being left on site.
To elaborate, the driveway needed regrading for the water flow direction to meet Council regulations; the patio was made approximately 1 inch narrower than its set of adjoining steps, and waste concrete and timber was dumped on site.

Attending a Disputes Tribunal Hearing was necessary to resolve these issues with Oasis Concrete & Paving Ltd. I do not recommend using this company.

User without photo

They charge me $60 for nothing. 5 min code rest $60 and that doesn't fix my problem. I didn't asked for it. The guy told me that it is breaklight switch, they have to order one and will take just 5 minutes to replace. Someone called 10 days later and said the switch is for $60 and it will take 1 hour to fix it which is $82 approx. Luckily I got that from Supercheap and change it myself a week ago and it just took a non-mechanic like me just 5 min. When I mentioned this to the girl who called me, then she switched from 1-hour work to 30 minutes work. It's sad how they are just charging whatever they like. I forgot to mentioned that last month I did use their service and paid $900 plus. They don't believe in retaining their customers or being loyal to their existing customers

User without photo

We absolutely love the Kung Fu Academy and its instructors. The changes in our kids are absolutely amazing and they occurred in such a short time. Highly recommend this place to anyone!

User without photo

WARNING and BEWARE ... worse experience in 30 yrs of driving
... I went for WOF and was charged for 'non-warranty' work ... car is sounding 'worse' ... will take to another garage to fix their mess ... want nothing to do with them ... third world car service!!!

User without photo

Rubbish school with rude staff. Never recommend this place to anyone.

User without photo

Sori not sure how to edit my review but it should read I told her I am the customer and her manner was unacceptable I would not recommend Malfroy Bakery to anyone poor service

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