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Last Reviews

User without photo

This guy took my wood fire oven to recondition it over two years ago and has never returned it and won't answer emails. he is a crook. not a reputable contractor!

User without photo

Hi I had very bad experience with this compay today.
Please do NOT USE ARC-RITE ELECTRICAL for any electrical work .

Akc Clay

Hi this service was very helpful to my query , I will use this service to anyone that needs to get their car fixed .

User without photo

Excellent service - very professional

User without photo

I've been in differents fisios and acupuncturists, because of my tennis elbow. I had relief just for a while and then I got worst.
Finally, looking around I found Luke;he is the real deal. After a few appointments,finally I started having a lot of improvement and getting better. I started moving my arm without screaming and lifting things. Luke is a great Acupuncturist if not the best!!!
I strongly recommend his treatment!!!!!
Thanks Luke ????
Adriana G.

User without photo

East Tamaki Branch has the absolute worst customer service and is not professional.
Bought a stereo headunit and steering control adapter kit from them. Only to find out that the steering wheel control kit didn't work with my car. I took it back to them and they installed another kit charging me another $50. They wouldn't refund the original adapter as "it had been used" and he told me to "go sell it on trademe".
About 2 weeks later my stereo started playing up so I had to take it back once again. The rude person at the counter told me to come back another day as it was busy and that I may have to pay another $50.
So on the day booked for me to come in, they show up 40 minutes late. They fix the apparent problem and I thought this was the last time I had to deal with this place.
But once again, my stereo controls weren't working again. I took it straight there and asked for them to fix it once and for all or to give me back a refund. He fixed it and blamed that not all cars are compatible with the steering controls. Bullsh*t. He then said if I'm not happy with it, I would have to call North Shore branch to work out a solution for me.
This was 2 days ago. Hopefully it won't break again.
Worst customer experience ever from a bunch of "professionals" who have no idea what they're doing.
Counter guy should be demoted to someone who works out the back as he doesn't know how speak or act toward customers.

Catherine Field

Hi, 73 Hire has great service, very friendly staff and great gear that is well presented. Really good that such a hire company is available to us locally.

User without photo

Hi I really like the sercices provided by ASB Cleaning Services, recommend to everyone. Lily

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