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User without photo

Great service !

Geoffrey Brown

In Jul 2016 went to SMAC to get the aircon in my Mazda 626 Station Wagon fixed. Heating and cooling was poor. On picking up the car and testing it I advised Peter who had done the work that is was only marginally better. It used to be able to make the inside like a fridge on a hot day and it was no where near that performance. In Mar 2018 as a result of learning more about aircon I checked the SMAC work and was extremely disappointed. The most basic of checks had not occurred - checking the air filter in the evaporator. This was absolutely chocked up after 15 years of use. On meeting with Andy (Manager) and Peter (Technician) on 23 Mar 2018 I stated that what they had fixed was probably only 10% of the performance and that they had omitted the most basic of checks leaving me with poor aircon operation. For a $360 bill and the car in the workshop for 1 day this was an extremely disappointing outcome from my viewpoint. Another claimed specialist that is not doing their job. Andy asked why I had not brought it back earlier but that was pointless because on picking up the car in Jul 2016 I had stated that performance was marginal (after testing it out) and Peter had stated that that was as good as it would get and there was nothing else that could be done - so pointless going back again. Andys offer of another air filter after I brought this to their attention was almost laughable - I have already got a new one in the car that will probably go for 2-3 years. A shocking customer service experience made more disappointing by the customer getting to the root cause - not the aircon specialist. Sigh. Geoffrey Brown

Iris Abaecherli

Good customer service be it mountain guiding or accommodation

Bradley Fraser

He does not respect the customers time.


Said he would have a job completed by a certain time and day. Two days before he was due to begin the work two texts and one phone call was sent to him to ask what time on Monday he would be on site to complete work. The day before a text and phone call with no response. On the day itself two texts and two phone calls and no response. At 9:19 am "sorry won't be there today later this week if everything goes well". I tried to call him less than 30 seconds from which I received the text and he would not answer. Still no follow up communication from him.

User without photo

"The Team at BuildSmart have just completed a major refurbishment of a rental property for us. It went smoothly, was on time and the end result was far above our expectations in terms of service and quality of work.

Would we use them again?, definitely yes, in fact they are soon to start work on another property we own. We give them top marks and a five star rating" Carlson Adams Limited

User without photo

We hired Carpet Master for carpet cleaning when moving out. Great service, great job, carpets look brand new and a lot better than whoever cleaned it when we moved in. Would recommend easily.

User without photo

Thank you to the team of DK Upholstery. Fantastic job on my outdoor furniture, very professional and pleasant to deal with and thank you for being ahead of schedule at a very busy time.

User without photo

Best car removal service in Auckland. I've used them two times and fully satisfied with them. Thank you Scrap Cars.

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